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Editor's Note


Zoya Japanwala

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Editor’s Note The LSE International Development Review is proud to publish this academic year’s second issue which has been compiled by a dedicated team of four undergraduate and two post graduate students. This issue is distinct in terms of its focus on a disparate set of countries that follow highly differentiated growth trajectories. Development affairs regarding China, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa and South Korea have made it to this issue alongside a comparative study of protests in the developing and developed worlds. Moreover, this issue precisely reflects the aim of the LSE International Development Review as it exposes the inconsistencies in developmental policy frameworks and provides LSE students a platform to dissect and present these inconsistencies. Lastly, before stepping down as Editor-in-chief of the Review, I would like to thank Faateh Nasir, Madeleine Gore and Yiwen Zhang for forming such a committed editorial team. Their contribution to this issue is immensely appreciated. I hope, in the coming years, the LSE International Development Review continues to promote independent student research in the field of International Development and the issues published under my tenure, including this one, serve as a cornerstone in advancing such research. Zoya Japanwala Editor-in-chief 2020-2021 LSE International Development Review
How to Cite: Japanwala, Z., 2021. Editor's Note. LSE International Development Review, 1(2).
Published on 29 Apr 2021.
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